Just announced! Joe Ely with special guest Andrew Portz, Thursday, June 9th, 8pm, Sellersville Theatre.


Andrew Portz sculpts music
with ‘honest and somber lyrics'

Blue Lake California drips of wanderlust; from the very first track, “Dream About The Stars,” the record is drenched with it. Underneath the melody – partly Neil Young, partly Tom Petty – Andrew Portz sings, “I wanna lay things down/I’m gonna leave this town.” Immediately, he opens a journey wherein even the most reluctant person can’t remain dry. Sculpting music with honest and sombre lyrics, Portz utilizes heartache for material in his songs.

Like the Pied Piper, Portz entices his audience to follow. The voyage flows to Blue Lake California, and proceeds largely between classic rock and country influences. This is where Portz thrives, but it’s not the only place where one might discover similarities. “There’s a whole lot of people in this world/And I always thought you’d be my girl” croons Portz on “Rollercoaster Ride.” The tune sports a steady, locomotive-like pace, with vocal stylings mimicking those of the Australian artist Ben Lee.

The journey disembarks with “Turn This World Around,” a ballad about unity and transcending distance. “Why can’t they just free us/Untie my brothers, lay their company down,” sings Portz as he ‘turns the world around’ for the listener.

-Jack Richter
Hellhound Trail